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Bubble wrap

Agriculture nylon

Store nylon

Stretch warp

Bottle label

Zip lock bag

Laminating roll

Food vacuum

Disposable table cloth

stages of purchase from Vazin Plast

Purchase stages in Vazin Plast

all stages of purchase, delivery and utilization, we will accompany you: enough to call number +982122949630

1- Talk to expert and requesting purchase

2- Sending control sample, acceptance and issuing preforma invoice

3-Approval from customer and depositing fund of prepayment

4- Issuing command of manufacturing

5- load completion

6- settlement and load delivery

statistics and numbers

what is happening in Vazin Plast?

to facilitate purchase, you can use the following data. These data by analysis data team of Vazin Plast are updated

why Vazin Plast?

About us

from 2014 when Vazin Plast manufacturing group started to work, always, we have been trying for making purchase experience in nylon and plastic industry easier.

about company work resume

we are proud that the superlative companies in the working fields of health, car cosmetic, food, and … , during these years cooperated with us working resume of Vazin Plast company from year 2014 to 2023 is completely observable in the following file:

PDF file of company working resume
about company productions

one of the distinctions of Vazin Plast group with its rivals is our manufacturing products Vazin Plast with having the most updated devices that some of them are just one in Iran give you this good news that any polyethylene production which you need Will produce for you with the highest quality in the following file, list of our manufactured products is observable:

Products catalog PDF file

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Customer’s satisfaction

Result of trusting us

for many years, one of our concerns is access to a conscientious and disciplined supplier Vazin Plast company and Mr.Niroomand with his high commitment and up-to-date knowledge fulfils this need for us and provide a very good experience for supplying For packaging in our company we hope that long-term cooperation is achieved between us.

In the food industry, the type and quality of product packaging is very important. If the pack is of poor quality, it will have a negative effect on both sales and shelf life. Our company and Wezin Plast have been able to create the best printing along with a long-lasting material with a lot of cooperation, and the feedback of this work can be seen in the sales of the company. Many thanks to Wezin Plast production group

And successful cooperation with hundreds of other brands:

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manufactured packages

We respond to any need!

diversity of products in Vazin Plast company has caused you according to your need have the best selection All products with types of thickness and dimensions Can be manufactured. :

agriculture and gardening

  • greenhouse nylon
  • mulch nylon
  • irrigation nylon
  • sapling plastic

food industry packaging

  • metalized
  • dried fruit nylon
  • PVC film
  • food stretch

for advertisement or store

  • nylon with reinforcement handle
  • plastic with handle
  • plastic bag
  • nylex


  • cellophane with glue
  • craft packet
  • pool nylon
  • shelly cellophane