Vazin Plast, Commitment and Quality beside each other


In Vazin Plast, through continuous promotion of products quality, we could have cooperated continuously with huge manufacturing factories in different fields and industries of food, agriculture, medicine, cosmetic and health, automobile making and ….

I am proud to say today, our goals in Vazin Plast is successfully in direct correlation with our customers and success of our customers guarantees our success.

I say with happiness, Vazin Plast background is combined with bright human capital and has drawn path for development and success of our customers.

Board of directors and all employees of complex are committed to provide the best and most optimized services and products in all manufacturing, industrial and commercial fields for you. Here, we guarantee to supply your needs with the highest quality and your maximum satisfaction. as soon as possible.

This success won’t be achieved unless through your effective interaction and using your viewpoints and acquaintance with your need. I believe that any critique from customers, should be considered and attended actually and seriously. For this, we know any critique and viewpoint from you as stair for our success, so, I request you not to deprive us of your viewpoints and critiques.


our family

آقای نیرومند
supply manager

Mr. Niroomand

خانم مهدوی
Executive manager

Ms. Mahdavi

کارمند وزین پلاست
Financial manager

Mr. Talebi

آقای طلا
Supply expert

Mr. Tala

خانم فتحی
Sales expert

Ms. Fathi

خانم عباسی
Sales expert

Ms. Abbasi

تیم فروش، آقای حسین زاده
Sales expert

Mr. Hosseinzadeh

آقای علمداری
Supply expert

Mr‧ Alamdari

آقای صلواتی
Administrative employee

Mr. Salavati

آقای اسکندری
IT Expert

Mr. Eskandari

آقای طایفه حسنلو
IT Expert

Mr. Taifeh Hasanlu

آقای نظری
IT Expert

Mr. Nazari

کارمند وزین پلاست
Supply expert

Mr. Taj

کارمند وزین پلاست
Sales Expert

Ms. Kaveh

کارمند وزین پلاست
Accounting expert

Ms. Lahouti

کارمند وزین پلاست
Administrative employee

Mr. Faiqi

Vazin Plast is one of the most perfect and equipped manufacturers in Iran and this firm has complete equipment and can manufacture types of nylon, nylex, shrink, teres PVC, cellophane, metalize, stretch and …. In the print task, uses the most professional interior designers and world up-to-date devices so that can print design specific to customers in the best possible manner and with the highest quality. Vazin Plast firm is from experienced firms and tries for innovation in this industry.

Vazin Plast manufacturer firm can produce 20 thousand of polyethylene products that has caused it to be one of the superior firms in this this industry.


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Our Goals

The complex by having experienced and high-persistence in manufacture and sales and creativity, seeks to take step in direction of manufacturing products with the highest qualitative degree and the most modern methods in the world and the lowest price in home and foreign market. One of the other purposes of Vazin Plast complex is increasing its sales offices in overseas markets. Customers’ complete satisfaction is our main concern.