Vazin Plast

Manufacturer of plastic products: nylon, wide nylon, store nylon, Nylex, shearing nylon, stretch nylon pallet binding, bubble nylon, biodegradable nylon, cellophane, metallized cellophane, fear cellophane, disposable tablecloth, disposable gloves …….

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Company and product introduction catalog

In this catalog, a brief description of Vazin Plast products is given, which is worth reading:

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products categorization

نایلون عریض و معمولی

Wide and ordinary nylon

نایلون شیرینگ

Nylon shearing

استرچ پالت

Stretch pallet

نایلون حبابدار

Bubble wrap

سلفون و cpp opp

Cellphone and opp and cpp

نایلکس فروشگاهی

Nylex and Nylon Store


Tons of production per day

Weight Plast is capable of producing 20,000 kilograms per day of polyethylene products.


Different product

Vazin Plast responds to customer needs by producing more than 80 different products and supplying them in bulk and in part


Separate factory

With 4 separate factories, Vazin Plast is able to cover all orders in the field of polyethylene.


Different printing

Vazin Plast has printing devices such as digital, offset, flexi, helio, center cylinder and ……