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What you need to know about Weight Plast
History of Vazin Plast Production Company:

In 1390, it started operating with a small factory in Jajrud called Vazin Plast with the aim of supplying polyethylene products and gradually began to attract professional labor and experienced work in the production of quality goods at the domestic and foreign levels. To find a special place between competitors and the market and lead to the promotion of the collection. With the plan of the CEO of Vazin Plast, the factory was moved to Etihad Industrial Town and in a larger space of 4000 square meters with dozens of production and printing machines. The company has now become one of the largest manufacturers in the field of polyethylene products and with four separate factories is offering a variety of products and services to its customers.

Objectives of Vazin Plast Production Company:

With its experienced staff and high perseverance in production, sales and creativity, the collection seeks to produce products with the highest quality and the latest method in the world and the lowest prices in the domestic and foreign markets. Another goal of Vazin Plast is to increase its sales offices in overseas markets. Complete customer satisfaction is the main concern of this company.

Production capacity and capacity of Vazin Plast Production Company:

Vazin Plast Production is able to produce 20,000 kg of polyethylene products per day, which has made it one of the best in the industry.

The difference between Vazin Plast products:

Vazin Plast is one of the most complete and well-equipped manufacturers in Iran, and this company, with its complete equipment, has the ability to produce the following types: Nylon, Nylex, Shirink, Trans, PVC, Cellphone, Metallized, Stretch, and so on. In the field of printing, it uses the most professional interior designers and up-to-date devices in the world to print the custom design of the customers in the best possible way with the highest quality. Vazin Plast Company is one of the companies with a history and is diligent in innovating in this industry.

Vazin Plast cooperation in domestic and foreign markets:

By keeping the quality level of its products high, Vazin Plast has been able to work continuously with various companies and consumer factories, including food, agriculture, pharmaceutical, medicine, cosmetics, automobile and auto parts supply, foam industry, etc. Collaborate.

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